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Leigha Jahansooz, Administrative Assistant  Leigha is indispensable in our office performing duties with competence and cheer and supporting all members of our team.  Leigha came to us fresh from her scholarship in Theater Arts at Western Michigan University.  She decided that relocating to California, specifically to the San Francisco Bay Area, would help her education and give her new opportunities to explore.

In addition to working for Make Your Point Communications she is an administrative assistant at Sonoma Leadership Systems, whose central program, The Leadership Challenge Workshops, is well known for training leaders in industry.  Leigha helps manage their worldwide database among other duties.

Leigha is currently working toward her B.A. in the field of marketing communications.

Andrew Martin, Lead Videographer After retiring in 1994, with a full resume that began in the Golden Age of Television, Andrew taught courses in film and television production and did contract video production for a variety of clients. In 2000, he joined Make Your Point Communications (then Executive Communications) as a back-up camera operator.  Today Andrew is the firm's principal videographer.

According to Andrew, "Operating the camera for the training classes is just part of the job. Equally important is the ability to support the Instructors and quickly adapt to equipment and room setups at various venues. " Asked what he likes most about working with us, Andrew expressed, "It's seeing the growth that takes place in the Trainees. They come in wondering if the training will be valuable and leave with a wow factor."

Kraemer Winslow, President & C.E.O., Senior Communications Consultant  
Kraemer is our company’s founder and has built the company since 1983 into the world-class service organization it is today.  Kraemer is your gateway to a team of talented and expert communicators who give you the most up-to-date, thorough and relevant training possible.

Kraemer works internationally as a trainer, coach, facilitator and trusted advisor.  She has built a personal reputation among the world’s leading companies for superior service and hard-to-find skills.  Leaders in every industry, as well as small business owners and individuals, rely on Kraemer and her team to help them achieve their goals. 

Kraemer is also well-known for her generous aid to non-profit organizations.  She regularly donates her time training aspiring advocates and coaching educators whose work is focused on community health and sustainability.  Kraemer believes that dedicating her life to helping others to succeed has been a fulfilling choice that has lead to a life of purpose.  Kraemer holds an M.A. in Human Development and Behavioral Psychology from the University of Kansas. 

Joan Lowery, V.P. Media Training/New Programs, Senior Communications Consultant

Joan is one of the most respected media trainers in the United States.  In more than two decades as a professional communicator, both nationally and internationally, her work has spanned the fields of training, organizational development, program design, broadcast and print journalism, publishing, acting and counseling.

Joan has been a radio and TV news reporter, anchor and talk show host.  As a reporter for Associated Press Radio Network and CNN, her stories appeared locally and nationally.  Her newspaper and magazine articles have been published throughout the world.  She is an award-winning producer and writer of news features for programs airing on the CNBC Network, Discovery Channel and Special Reports Television. 

Joan is also a popular author.  Her articles have appeared in leading magazines and her book, CultureShift, a Leader's Guide to Managing Change in Health Care, was published by American Hospital Publishing, Inc.

Greg Lyon, Senior Media Consultant, Award-winning News Correspondent, Journalist  Greg has adeptly managed a career that few have achieved.  He’s an award-winning newspaper, radio and television journalist, a writer and producer of documentaries airing on major national networks and shares his hard-won knowledge as a teacher. 

Greg’s background includes more than 25 years as an on-air television reporter and executive producer at KRON-TV in San Francisco, where he was honored with local, regional and national awards including a dozen Emmy’s and the “pulitzer prize of broadcast journalism”, the prestigious Dupont Columbia Award for Excellence. He has written and produced notable documentaries for National Geographic, the History Channel and the Weather Channel.

Greg is an approachable person with a compassionate and fun side to his well-known television personality.  We’re proud of his hard work in the Peace Corps and delighted by his short stint as a star reporter for the National Enquirer!

Susan Croft, Senior Communications Consultant  Susan is an internationally recognized consultant and trainer and is one of our most sought-after consultants.  She has developed PR campaigns for a wide variety of clients in education, non-profit, government, technology and business-to-business.  Susan teaches media and PR at a number of leading universities in the USA and in the United Kingdom including UCL (London), Georgetown, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Stanford. In addition she has been a trainer for the PR Academy, an initiative of the Government of Singapore’s Ministry for Information, Technology and the Arts. 

Susan is the author of two books - Win New Business (2002), and Corporate Reputation: The New Currency (2003) both published by Acorn/Thorogood. Susan is a certified trainer with Lloyd’s of London and spends her time equally between the U.S. and the U.K.

David Fix, Videographer  David is an Emmy Award winning videographer with impressive credentials as a photojournalist for the KRON-TV news department in San Francisco. For over twenty years, his work took him from shooting and editing daily news stories and features to in-depth series pieces.  Among his credit is his lead camera work for a made-for-TV documentary movie, "Desperate Passage", which ran on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles.

More recently David has used his talents to help conceive and produce a half-hour documentary video for the University of California on farming in West Marin County, California: “The Hidden Bounty of Marin” which won him two awards at the Western Regional Conference of Public Access Television Stations. When time permits, he partners with Novato Public Access Television working on projects for government and non-profit organizations.



Gina Farr, V.P. Creative Communications  Gina directs our company’s communications and is our firm’s web designer.  Her unique 30 year career combines business, technology and art.  The business side is impressive, including co-managing Bank of America’s Corporate Trust Division, developing new products for Charles Schwab & Co., and creating and marketing over 50 million dollars in investment products for her family business.  Her passion, however, is her communications art.  Gina produces and directs media for web, print and for sharing and is a podcast show host, photographer and sound designer.   

Given that Gina’s specialty is conveying deep meaning in communications, often called “framing the message”, and her passion is nature, it’s no surprise that her current project accesses the imagination.  Wild Sound Stories are six-minute adventures in natural sounds and images that connect the viewer with the feeling of wild nature.  Gina is a multi-skilled communicator.

Lily Tung Crystal, Communications Consultant, Journalist, Actor  Lily is an award-winning journalist with 15 years of experience in print, radio and television for both English- and Mandarin-speaking audiences.  Lily began her career in Shanghai, China, where she was a pioneer.  There she served as the launching editor of Shanghai Talk, the city's first English-language monthly and as a freelance reporter for print media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Asiaweek and The South China Morning Post.

Lily later produced feature segments for AP Television, the NBC Nightly News, and The Today Show. Her radio experience includes reporting and producing for Public Radio International,
the BBC and WGBH Boston. Upon her return to the U.S., Lily served as a writer and segment producer at KRON TV in San Francisco.  She wrote and produced hundreds of segments, from health and science to news and entertainment, and has interviewed of a full range of personalities, from CEOs to celebrities.  In 2003, Lily was recognized as one of the nation's top arts reporters with a fellowship in Columbia University’s National Arts Journalism Program.

Susan Blake, Communications Consultant, Journalist  Susan brings to our firm an exceptional and well-rounded career as an international journalist. She's had extraordinary experience as a television news anchor and reporter in San Francisco, one of the top 5 markets in the United States. She has also hosted a successful show on the nationally televised Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV).  In her career she has interviewed foreign leaders, top U.S. politicians and Hollywood celebrities. She has reported from political conventions, anchored during war, riots and natural disasters and worked on documentaries in India, Japan, the Middle East and Mexico and has a passion for cultural diversity and travel. 

Susan brings all of her experience and curiosity into her work and uses all of her skills as an excellent journalist and interviewer to help her clients become effective communicators. 

Lauri Deits, Director of Accounting  Lauri manages our firm’s accounting department.  She began her business in 1980 and has worked with CPAs, managed a cash flow management company and has assisted small business owners with bookkeeping and other financial matters.

Lauri’s other passion is coaching individuals to create “the life they love”  -- a business that utilizes her background in management and finance as well as her degree in psychology. She has coached more than 100 clients over the past nine years and has been selected as one of
the top 100 Coaches in America.  And since 2004, she’s been a SuccessTracs Coach for N.Y. Times best-selling author T. Harv Eker’s company, Peak Potentials, one of the largest personal development companies in the world.

Lauri’s highly competent in her work.  She’s also insightful, thoughtful and our good friend.

Current Projects

  1. 1.Train engineers to make their point with customers in Russia, Germany, England and Asia.

  2. 2.Design custom program for Fortune 50 technical sales professionals.

  3. 3.Coach executives to be more effective in media interviews.

  4. 4.Assist SVP in polishing communications skills to advance career.


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