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Getting to the point in a customer-centric manner is critical to communicating successfully with busy professionals. We teach you how to make your point quickly, clearly, be compelling and relevant to the customer.  

Learn and practice:

  1. creating concise customer-oriented communications

  2. delivering a customer-focused elevator pitch “on-the-spot”

  3. activating the “internal coach” to improve communications

  4. guiding the conversation away from negatives and into positives

  5. keeping meetings on track and to the point

  6. listening skills for building trust in relationships

  7. “working a room” for results


All programs are tailored to your specific needs and include video feedback and individual coaching. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, rely on us to create a custom program that’s perfect for you.


  1. Learn to communicate with greater brevity and impact to become a better sales person, meeting participant and conversationalist.  Get intensive and customized role playing, video recording and coaching.  Professionals in every field will become more engaging, effective and to-the-point communicators. 

  2. INTENDED FOR:  Sales, marketing and other professionals who need to get to their point quickly and easily when communicating with busy executives. Groups up to 12.

  3. TIME & STAFF:  1 to 1.5 days with 2 trainers and 2 videographers


  1. Learn to listen more deeply to build stronger customer relationships to foster loyalty and increase sales.  Practice critical listening skills through role play, video feedback and expert coaching. 

  2. INTENDED FOR:  Sales and other professionals where deep listening is crucial to success and relationship management.  Groups up to 12.

  3. TIME & STAFF:  1 day with 2 trainers and 2 videographers


  1. Enter any social situation feeling at ease and ready to accomplish your goals.  Get the ability to “work the room” in this fun and informative hands-on workshop.  Learn techniques to work every room you enter and to reap the benefits - both personal and professional.

  2. INTENDED FOR:  Anyone who attends conventions, business receptions, fundraisers, professional dinners, hospitality functions, reunions, political gatherings, and out-of-office client/customer events.  Groups of any size.

  3. TIME & STAFF:  3 hours with opportunity to role play in a cocktail reception environment with 1 trainer


  1. Learn to deliver unpleasant news in a timely, sensitive and effective manner. Attendees will gain skills through practice and become familiar with our proven  planning process.

  2. INTENDED FOR:  Salespeople and managers at every level.  Groups up to 100.

  3. TIME & STAFF:  Four hours with 1 trainer


4  Make Your Point Signature
& Specialty Workshops

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